Personal Armed & Medical Response

Personal Armed & Medical Response

Panic Button

By simply holding down the hexagon button for 3-6 seconds, this sets off an alert and activates the user’s camera, sending a message and recording to the cloud-based dashboard and pre-defined emergency contacts.


Meeting allows users to feel safe when going into a potentially dangerous meeting or performing a dangerous task. A user set timer will countdown until deactivated meaning the user has to mark themselves as safe, otherwise raising an alert.

Armed/Medical Response

SAfer gives you a nationwide, on demand, automated armed & medical response network that dispatches armed help in times of need.

Evidence Gathering

When raising an Alert, SAfer can automatically start your smartphone’s camera and microphone to capture real-time evidence of the situation around you. Your responder and emergency contacts can access this evidence real-time, as well as being saved in the cloud.


Journey allows your users to set a start and end point. The app then automatically monitors the users journey and alerts their nominated contacts and the Control Centre once they safely arrive or trigger a panic alarm.

Your Privacy Matters

Choose when and when not to share your location. Our smart phone app makes it clear when the monitoring center can access your locaiton in times of need. Control what and when you share your location data.

How It Works

Raise Alert

In the app, raising an Alert is super simple. You can either shake your phone or hold the panic button for 5 seconds. This will trigger an Alert to our responders.

Armed Or Medical Response

The average response time is 3-5 minutes. During this time your live GPS location is shared, as well as your camera and microphone automatically recording. If you have set up Emergency Contacts, they will be notified too.

Mark As Safe

After the responder has arrived or the situation has calmed, you can mark yourself as self using your personal pin code. You can also use a Duress Pin incase you are being forced to close the Alert.

Traditional Response vs. SAfer

SAfer Response Time

1 – 5 minutes



Traditional Response Time

15 – 30 minutes





R 49.99

per month
✅ 1 User
✅ Cancel Anytime
✅ 24/7 Private Armed Response
✅ Nationwide Network
✅ No Contract

Family BundleBest Value

R 159.99

per month
✅ 4 User
✅ Cancel Anytime
✅ 24/7 Private Armed Response
✅ Nationwide Network
✅ No Contract
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SAfer By Numbers

Average Armed Response Time


Average Medical Response Time


Armed Response Officers


Armed Response Vehicles


Our Mission

We live in a world today that is becoming increasingly unsafe and the traditional response network in South Africa is too slow and unresponsive. At SAfer we wanted to change that so we have created a robust personal application that partners with thousands of private armed and medical responders to ensure you get the best possible care, any time, any where. We leverage technology built over the past 10 years by experts in the safety industry, paired with the most dedicated response partners.

We want to create a world where you can feel safe and confident living your daily life. 

How You Could Use Safer

Out Of Home

Carrying out your day-to-day activities shouldn’t feel dangerous or risky. Activating SAfer you know you have the largest network of armed and medical responders within minutes should you require them. Go shopping, see friends, run errands, and live life to it’s fullest with SAfer.


Travelling to new parts of South Africa can offer up risks that can hinder your enjoyment of your trip. Where ever you are in South Africa you are covered with SAfer. We have the largest National coverage of private armed and medical responders.


Commuting around the city can be dangerous regardless of your preferred method of transport. With SAfer, you can share your live journey with a loved one and should you run into any problems or need medical assistance, SAfer can pair you with an emergency responder in no time.

Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor exercise is a great way to relax and unwind. SAfer adds the confidence of your safety when out running, cycling or exercising. If you run into a dangerous situation you can immediately request armed private response. And should you require medical assistance due to a fall or trip, then SAfer will automatically detect the incident and raise an alert for you.


Ridesharing has changed the way we travel around cities, but it can expose you to new risks. With SAfer you don’t have to worry about calling a ride to the airport or home after a night out. Real-time location sharing with your emergency contacts and easy activated panic button will help keep your journey safe.

Extreme Weather

What is your emergency plan should there be a national disaster. When using SAfer, your friends and family can know exactly where you are and that you are safe. Should you need private emergency response, you can do it all within the app.

School Emergency

Never worry about your kids whilst they’re at school again with SAfer. As well as knowing if they arrived safely. You can get immediate notifications should there be an issue at school. Their phones can even automatically share video and audio in an emergency.

Online Dating

Online dating has transformed how people meet and date, making it easier than ever to connect with anyone around the world. But searching for the perfect match has also introduced new safety concerns.

With SAfer, you can chat and meet in real life with confidence. Share your location with friends and family and have a panic button always in your pocket, should you need it.